Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy

For this client, I worked with predesigned templates using Adobe InDesign to flow in copyedited text and tables. I formatted all of the text, figures, and tables using InDesign and Illustrator. This involved working with master pages, numerous paragraph and character styles, table styles, and libraries to conform to the journal’s house style. I also developed custom scripts in InDesign to speed up my work.

Common Sense Media

For this client, I formatted a white paper published for their fall edition. The client did provide a predesigned template in Adobe InDesign but needed to publish updated text and data. I formatted the graphs and tables and ensured that the page layout remained consistent with the established brand guidelines.

PRC Macro

This client needed templates developed in Adobe InDesign that could be used to format white papers and other publications for their business. The samples highlighted include different versions of page layouts from which the client selected the final format.

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