Cold Emails That Convert: Course Review
A group of people brainstorming over a laptop and sheets of paper

Cold emailing is a topic that comes up often in discussions among freelance editors: How can I sell my services to potential clients? What can I do to make myself stand out? After all, marketing is an important part of running a business, and we all need to do it if we want our businesses […]

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2018 Goals: Midyear Update
A bright blue neon on a wall reads “WORK HARDER”

At the end of 2017, I published my Year in Review and Goals for 2018 inspired by Sophie Playle’s Liminal Pages blog. I promised I’d post a midyear update to take stock of where I’m at now with my business, so enjoy! Main Goals for 2018 Maintain relationships with clients Look into passive income opportunities […]

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“The Perfectpreneur”: One Freelancer’s Results
A dark background with three neon signs in blue, yellow, and white spelling out the word “PERFECT”

I’ll admit it—it’s been a tough week. Money is tight right now. Deadlines loom. My work is steady, but all the other tasks I normally do—marketing, posting and interacting on social media, keeping track of invoices, completing training, working on pet projects—seem overwhelming. Plus I had a blog post to write! So rather than do […]

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2018 ACES Conference Roundup
Chairs in an auditorium

I wasn’t able to attend the ACES annual conference this year, but I did follow the #ACES2018 and #NotAtACES hashtags on Twitter to keep up with news from the sessions and to see what my colleagues were up to. I’ve compiled some resources from the conference in case you missed it too or if you […]

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Ethics in Editing: When Should You Push Back with a Client?
Two antelopes locking horns

As a freelancer, it’s important to establish good communication and healthy boundaries with clients to ensure a smooth, successful working relationship. In an ideal world, we’d all be able to fulfill every client request and meet (and exceed!) every expectation. But some boundaries are necessary and helpful. After all, no one wants to be a […]

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Success in Freelancing: Is It Luck or Hard Work?
Image of person’s hand with red nails holding a four-leaf clover

Recently I’ve been slowly making my way through Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. I’ve never really found Jerry Seinfeld all that funny—he just seems very smug to me—but one episode really resonated with me. In the Season 8 premiere, “Jim Gaffigan: Stick Around for the Pope,” the two comedians are cruising around in […]

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Author Correspondence Checklist
An overhead shot of a MacBook with a draft of an executive summary on a wooden surface

I have several clients who ask that copy editors send out initial copyedited files for review and communicate with authors directly. This might be for a journal or for chapters of a multi-author publication. This isn’t quite the same as sending out author galleys or page proofs, as these typically comprise the typeset version of […]

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Year in Review and Goals for 2018
A black mug sitting on an office desk with white writing that says "Hustle"

As we approach the end of 2017, I thought I would take a page from Sophie Playle’s fabulous blog, so to speak, to reflect on my highs and lows for the year and think about my goals heading into 2018. I’m hoping that writing everything down will help me actually achieve my goals. (Right now […]

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