Fun with Wildcards and GREP
Black keyboard with keys lit up in yellow

I’ve been playing around a lot lately with wildcards in Word, and I’ve developed quite a few custom macros that I use in my editing work. It’s taken a bit of practice, but I feel pretty confident now about my knowledge of wildcards and how to use these to quickly find and replace text in […]

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Author Correspondence Checklist
An overhead shot of a MacBook with a draft of an executive summary on a wooden surface

I have several clients who ask that copy editors send out initial copyedited files for review and communicate with authors directly. This might be for a journal or for chapters of a multi-author publication. This isn’t quite the same as sending out author galleys or page proofs, as these typically comprise the typeset version of […]

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Special Characters All Editors Should Know
A wooden desk with a stapler, a mug with an ampersand symbol, a computer, and an open notebook

When I first started out as an editor, I wasn’t familiar with all of the special characters and symbols that are used in scientific publications. It wasn’t until I became an in-house editor working on civil engineering journals that I learned how important it is to be familiar with these characters and understand how they […]

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Newsletter Graphics
A person drawing on a piece of paper with a pink highlighter on a desk with a computer and office supplies

For my last blog post of 2017, I thought I would round up some graphics I’ve designed for past Fostered Creativity newsletters. Please feel free to share! Why editors matter Published in the Friday, July 7, 2017, newsletter [Click on image to view in full] Chart: lead versus led Published in the Wednesday, August 30, […]

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Year in Review and Goals for 2018
A black mug sitting on an office desk with white writing that says "Hustle"

As we approach the end of 2017, I thought I would take a page from Sophie Playle’s fabulous blog, so to speak, to reflect on my highs and lows for the year and think about my goals heading into 2018. I’m hoping that writing everything down will help me actually achieve my goals. (Right now […]

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Important Updates to the AMA Manual of Style
A side view of an open thick book

If, like me, you edit academic or nonfiction manuscripts that follow the AMA Manual of Style, you may not be aware of some of the updates that have been made since the manual was published online in 2009, especially if you only reference the hard copy. These changes didn’t warrant publishing a new version of […]

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10 Quirky Rules of APA Style
A person leafing through a book

As a freelance academic editor, I spend a lot of my time learning various style guides. I am familiar with the big ones (AMA, APA, Chicago, MLA), but clients often have their own in-house style guides as well. They might follow Chicago style up to a point but also borrow elements from APA style. Learning […]

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Editing Certificates and Certifications Summary
A woman working on a laptop at a table by the window

This infographic lists all 10 certifications and certificates I covered in my previous posts and breaks down all the major aspects of the programs. To see my previous posts on this topic, click on the links below: Part 1 | Part 2 Remember: It’s important to distinguish between certification and a certificate. Certification indicates proficiency; […]

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