At the end of 2017, I published my Year in Review and Goals for 2018 inspired by Sophie Playle’s Liminal Pages blog. I promised I’d post a midyear update to take stock of where I’m at now with my business, so enjoy!

Main Goals for 2018

  • Maintain relationships with clients
  • Look into passive income opportunities
  • Get professional pictures taken
  • Continue to develop newsletter and grow audience
  • Stick to blogging schedule
  • Learn a new skill
Maintain relationships with clients

I have some really great clients, and I’ve tried to weed out less desirable clients (those who don’t pay well, are difficult to work with, or offer less interesting work). Work has significantly slowed down though, so I really need to intensify my marketing efforts and keep work coming in.

I’m planning to do a round of intensive cold emailing, and if I can gain even two new clients through this process, I’ll be happy.

Look into passive income opportunities

I’ve made considerable progress in this area, but the projects I’m working on definitely require a long-term investment of time and energy.

Right now I’m working with beta testers on a new tool I’m developing, but I’ve hit a significant roadblock. Time to review my options and get back to work!

I’ve also been working on an e-book—I’d like to finish both of these projects by the end of the year and start selling them on my website to generate additional income.

Get professional pictures taken

Welp, I haven’t achieved this goal yet—hoping to do this before the end of the year though!

Continue to develop newsletter and grow audience

I’m pretty proud of my progress in this area. My original goal was to reach 100 subscribers by the first half of the year, and I’m up to 136 right now. I’ve tweaked my newsletter template slightly throughout the year, and I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from subscribers, which is exciting!

I also finally finished working on my free opt-in offer, and I’m now providing my Blog Promotion Checklist for Freelance Editors to new subscribers.

For the rest of 2018, I plan to continue to promote my newsletter—I’ll set a tentative goal to gain 100 new subscribers, bringing the total to over 200. I’d also like to do more in-depth analysis to see where I can improve.

Stick to blogging schedule

Overall, I’ve been sticking to my blogging schedule pretty well. I’ve been aiming to post a new article every two weeks; I haven’t strictly adhered to this, but I’ve still managed to post new content twice a month. I’d like to write and publish more, but I need to prioritize paying client work right now.

My blog averages 800 to 1,000 visitors per month, but in May the traffic increased to about 1,300 viewers. I hope that traffic continues to increase; I hesitate to set a new goal with a specific number attached, however. As with my newsletter, I need to analyze the data more to see what my most popular posts are and target the topics that readers are most interested in.

Two of my blog posts were included in Louise Harnby’s Editors on the Blog column for May 2018, and I plan to submit content to be published in this column on a regular basis.

Learn a new skill

I still need to finish the online macro courses I started through Udemy, but even just practicing with macros on my own has improved my skills.

I’m also still considering learning LaTeX at some point, but this is on the back burner for now.

Continuing professional development is important to me and I naturally love learning, so there’s always a course I want to take or a book I want to read. I guess it’s a matter of prioritizing—I need to evaluate how relevant the skill/topic is to my business and decide from there whether it’s something I should pursue.

Personal Goals

I’m still trying to find that elusive balance between my work and personal lives. It always feels like a moving target, but I know it takes time to change old habits. I’ve been keeping a more regular schedule, but I’m still guilty of working too much, not taking time off, and not making enough room in my schedule for self-care.

I resolve to do better! I plan to revisit my original personal goals throughout the year to get a better handle on things.

Overall, I have lots of room for improvement, but at least I know I have goals to work toward. If you’re interested in seeing updates on my progress, sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar on the right!

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