I’ll admit it—it’s been a tough week. Money is tight right now. Deadlines loom. My work is steady, but all the other tasks I normally do—marketing, posting and interacting on social media, keeping track of invoices, completing training, working on pet projects—seem overwhelming.

Plus I had a blog post to write! So rather than do a lot of writing and research, I thought I would try an exercise that Sara Donaldson shared on her blog. This way I could do something creative and give my tired brain a break!

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My perfectpreneur exercise results
My perfectpreneur exercise results

And you know what? After making my list and reviewing my results, I actually felt a bit better. Maybe I’m not doing so bad after all. Of course, there are always areas where I can improve, but the things I envy about my “Ms. Perfectpreneur” seem attainable.

I’m feeling similarly inspired by other colleagues’ recent blog posts, such as the Venn diagram created by Liz Dexter and Hazel Bird’s bubble chart idea.

Readers, have you done any of these exercises? What did you think?

2 thoughts to ““The Perfectpreneur”: One Freelancer’s Results

  • Liz Dexter

    Thanks for sharing my Venn diagram – and I keep meaning to do the bubble chart (when I get the time – ha!) so it was interesting to see it crop up again. Keep on keeping on!

    • Denise Foster

      No problem! Such fun visual things to try—who would have thought? 🙂


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