I wasn’t able to attend the ACES annual conference this year, but I did follow the #ACES2018 and #NotAtACES hashtags on Twitter to keep up with news from the sessions and to see what my colleagues were up to.

I’ve compiled some resources from the conference in case you missed it too or if you did attend but want to read through all the great tweets and articles. Enjoy!

And a huge thank you to those who live-tweeted during the conference for those of us who couldn’t be there!


Robinson Prize

Karen Conlin, co-owner of Grammargeddon, was awarded the 2018 Robinson Prize

Plus, read Karen’s thoughts about winning the Robinson Prize

ACES President

Sara Ziegler became the new ACES president

2017 Headline Contest

ACES announced the 2017 National Headline Contest winners


Merriam-Webster and the Associated Press both announced major changes and updates—some highlights are listed below.


AP Stylebook

Changes include:

Hyphen no longer needed for 3D

Homepage now one word

Smartwatch now one word

Detailed guidance for usage of survivor, victim, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct

And a major change many editors were happy about: Two objects don’t have to be in motion before they collide

Read the latest news from Copyediting on this change here


You can access session handouts from the conference here. More materials will be added in the coming weeks!


I couldn’t find the full schedule online, so I’ve listed what was available here. If I missed anything, please let me know and I will update the list!

Basics of Readability
Creating a Pro-Editing Culture in a Corporate Environment

Conlangs: Languages with Stories to Tell
Deep Grammar
Edit Sober: 79 Tips for On-Your-Feet Editing

Editing and Emotional Labor

Editing for the Federal Government
Editing for Inclusion

Tips to Make Digital Content Accessible to Everyone

Editing in a #MeToo World

Editing for Respect in the World of #MeToo

Financial Strategies to Grow Your Business

‘Financial Strategies to Grow Your Business’: A Few Notes

How to Grow Your Freelance Business: Three Editors Share Their Financial Strategies

Getting Student Journalists to Care about Editing in the Digital Age

How to Hook Today’s Student on Editing

Going Rogue
How Do I Say That?

Poole’s Pro School of Poise: Negotiating and Delivering Bad News with Grace

How Does a Copy Editor Pivot to Video?

Pivoting to Video Helps Copy Editors Increase Their Workplace Worth

Ins and Outs of Freelancing for Publishing Houses
Is This Biased? How Editors Can Identify Hidden Traps in Language

Avoid Bias with Conscientious Editing

Is This Resource Reliable?
Leadership in the Workplace

Key Elements of Editorial Leadership

Let It Go

Macros 201: The Shell Game
Reaching the Fact-Resistant Audience

Reaching the Fact-Resistant Audience

Registering Register
Rookie Mistakes Even Veterans Make
Save Time and Your Sanity: Increase Your Efficiency with Microsoft Word
Sharpening Your Skills: A Headline Workshop
Slaying the Chimera: Diagramming Some of the Worst Sentences Ever Published
User Interfaces to User Manuals: Technical Editing in the Software Industry
Using PerfectIt to Check Consistency and House Style
What Journalism Can Teach You About Good Editing
What to Know Before You Send Your Copy for Translation
What Words Trigger Sharing, Liking, and Commenting on Social Media

Creating Content That’s Clickable, Shareable, Digestible


4 thoughts to “2018 ACES Conference Roundup

  • Robert Runte

    Thanks for posting this. Feels almost like I was there…makes it more likely I will be there in future.

    • Denise Foster

      You’re welcome! I hope you are able to attend a conference soon. That’s one of my goals as well.

  • Chris Morton

    Good work, Denise!

    And happy non-winter back in Homeland, USA.


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