“The Perfectpreneur”: One Freelancer’s Results
A dark background with three neon signs in blue, yellow, and white spelling out the word “PERFECT”

I’ll admit it—it’s been a tough week. Money is tight right now. Deadlines loom. My work is steady, but all the other tasks I normally do—marketing, posting and interacting on social media, keeping track of invoices, completing training, working on pet projects—seem overwhelming. Plus I had a blog post to write! So rather than do […]

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2018 ACES Conference Roundup
Chairs in an auditorium

I wasn’t able to attend the ACES annual conference this year, but I did follow the #ACES2018 and #NotAtACES hashtags on Twitter to keep up with news from the sessions and to see what my colleagues were up to. I’ve compiled some resources from the conference in case you missed it too or if you […]

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