Success in Freelancing: Is It Luck or Hard Work?
Image of person’s hand with red nails holding a four-leaf clover

Recently I’ve been slowly making my way through Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. I’ve never really found Jerry Seinfeld all that funny—he just seems very smug to me—but one episode really resonated with me. In the Season 8 premiere, “Jim Gaffigan: Stick Around for the Pope,” the two comedians are cruising around in […]

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Fun with Wildcards and GREP
Black keyboard with keys lit up in yellow

I’ve been playing around a lot lately with wildcards in Word, and I’ve developed quite a few custom macros that I use in my editing work. It’s taken a bit of practice, but I feel pretty confident now about my knowledge of wildcards and how to use these to quickly find and replace text in […]

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